Vow Renewals at the Beach

To say I’m a little behind on my blogging is a bit of an understatement, probably not helped by restarting a 365 photo project.  However, I’m trying to play catch up and I’m going all the way back to June of last year to highlight a photo shoot I did for a couple from up north.  Jett and Jeff from Washington, DC wanted me to photographer their wedding vow renewal ceremony that they were having at the beach.  Jett actually was trying to do this as a surprise, but unfortunately Jeff figured something was going on before we could spring the ceremony on him and Jett had to spill the beans.  We thankfully still had a great time and got some wonderful photos of the two, along with their close friends who came to join in on the renewal.

couple runs on the beach

married couple renews wedding vows at the beach

weddings ring with couple in background

ceremony on the beach

couple standing looking out at the ocean

couple standing in the ocean tide

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