Family photos with the Dentons

Another photo shoot, going back to last summer, that I never had to time to properly write about and that I absolutely enjoyed was with the Denton family.  I’ve known Tim and Jen and their kids for years now, even having worked with Tim some years ago in a dental warehouse.  This was the second year that I’d taken their family photos and it was better than the last, by far.  The main reason for that was the kids.  All three of them were a year older and each showed more personality.  The daughter, Alivia, is practically a model at her young age, striking a pose and flashing a smile pretty much on que.  Tim and Jen have a wonderful family and it’s always fun to get them in front of the camera.

child on sidewalk smiling

son smiling at his dad

child smiling

child sitting at the feet of his family

husband and wife hugging in front of city skyline

child smiling next to wall

child eating ice cream as it melts on table

child with large smile

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