Engagement Session with Trevaris and Citierra

Here’s another photo session I did with a great couple named Trevaris and Citierra.  Trevaris is in the Air Force and he had just came back from a tour in Iraq to surprise his long time girlfriend with an engagement ring.  Of course, she said yes and now they are in the planning stages of their big day.  They booked an engagement session that ended up being rewarding for all of us.  They were fun, energetic and did well in front of the camera and I most certainly got some great photos that went into my portfolio.

airman holding girlfriend in air

boyfriend and girlfriend share deep glance

boyfriend and girlfriend smiling

couple smiling with engagement ring showing

engaged couple on stairs next to brick wall

airman in uniform kissing girlfriend who is wearing his hat

black male against a brick wall

black female posing for the camera

airman in uniform with girlfriend at the park

girlfriend on boyfriend's back

boyfriend and girlfriend kiss against brick wall

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