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Vow Renewals at the Beach

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To say I’m a little behind on my blogging is a bit of an understatement, probably not helped by restarting a 365 photo project.  However, I’m trying to play catch up and I’m going all the way back to June of last year to highlight a photo shoot I did for a couple from up north.  Jett and Jeff from Washington, DC wanted me to photographer their wedding vow renewal ceremony that they were having at the beach.  Jett actually was trying to do this as a surprise, but unfortunately Jeff figured something was going on before we could spring the ceremony on him and Jett had to spill the beans.  We thankfully still had a great time and got some wonderful photos of the two, along with their close friends who came to join in on the renewal.

couple runs on the beach


Baby meets grass, eats it

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I had a few photo shoots today and I won’t be able to get to editing them tonight (my wife said I have put up some kind of decorations, I have no clue as to what she’s talking about).  So, to satisfy my curiosity, I took a quick peak at a few of the photos and came across this outtake of little baby Brady Kinder.

Why wouldn't a baby, placed on the ground, eat the grass?

I mean, what else would you expect?

Some fun engagements photos with friends.

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From my last update, which was quite some time ago, you’d think I dropped off the face of the earth, photographically speaking.  But that couldn’t be any further from the truth.  Though I’m now working at photography a full time career, I never quit taking pictures.  Since we’re getting close to the end of the year, I though I’d go back and highlight a few of my favorite shoots of 2011.  It’ll be a good transition into new blog posts detailing new adventures that are now beginning.

The first sessions comes from back in January.  A former coworker of mine got engaged and had seen some of my work previously.  She hired me to take their engagement, and knowing how fun she was at work, I knew it would translate into a fun photo session.  I was right.

Krawford and Danzie are playful

Danzie decides to help Krawford with her lay up. (more…)


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Well, the Vorpahl household is going to become one man stronger later this year:

And the baby is...

We just found out this morning and I figured this was a pretty cool way to show everyone.  That’s actually a double sided sign.  The other side said ‘it’s a girl’ and we figured we’d post whichever one we needed to.  We got some strange looks.